The Archives project began in 1969, when August Erling, Sr. began researching the history of Immanuel. It was at this time that the present "Archives Room" was designated for the use and storage of the church and school archives material. August Erling, Sr. was recognized for his efforts and named the first Immanuel Archivist.

    After a few years, Mr. Erling was not able to contiue and the collection of material was turned over to Mr. Victor Koehn. When Mr. Koehn discontinued work at the Archives, the material was returned to the church.

    In 1981 Vicar Andrew Koeschmann arrived at Immanuel to serve his vicarage. He had an interest in church history and resurrected the material that had been compiled earlier. He asked a number of congregation members to assist. Ella Woike translated the earlier voters minutes which were written in German script. William Blank assisted along with Mike Killian and Bill Wentland,Jr. Vicar Koeschmann conducted lectures on the history of Immanuel.

    With the return of the Vicar to his studies at the seminary in 1982, William Blank and August Erling,Jr. continued with the gathering of materials and were appointed as Immanuel's historical archivists. Upon William Blank's retirement, August Erling,Jr. became the sole Archivist.

    In 1992 as part of the congregation's 100th anniversary celebration, August Erling,Jr. authored a 300 page history of Immanuel called: "The Story Of Immanuel Congregation Our First Century - A Journey In Faith 1892 - 1992".

    Health factors caused August Erling,Jr. to slow down on this activity and an Archives Committee was formed in 2004 with August Erling,Jr., Wilfred Kisser, and Howard Behrendt as members. The Archives Room was completely renovated with additional shelving and numerous changes. An Archives Display Case was purchased as a memorial to Olga and August Erling,Sr. which is located in the church/school lobby. Also an Archives Gallery was created in 2004 at the bottom of the steps leading to Hannah's Room in the curch basement.

    For health reasons August Erling,Jr., Wilfred Kisser and Howard Behrendt were unable to continue with the Archives, and in 2010 David C. Hintz answered the call to be Immanuel's Archivist.