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Pastor Randolph E. Mueller was born in Hamburg, Minnesota and married Ruby Lehmann on May 24, 1942 at Immanuel. He served as Assistant Pastor from 1941 to 1945 at Immanuel. He was the first ordained assistant pastor at Immanuel since Pastor…

Pastor Ottomar H. Cloeter was born in Pomeroy, Iowa July 9, 1920. He served as Assistant Pastor of Immanuel from February 1945 to August 1950. He was married to Elsie Lorenz.

These are the original chairs used for weddings when the brides and their attendants sat during the wedding ceremony.

Those shown in picture are Ferdinand and Lydia (Jabs) Strunk with Pastor George J. Meyer.

Those pictured here are:
Lawrence Zurell, Walter Strecker, Anita Erling, Ruth (Tonn) Zurell (bride), Arnold Zurell (groom), Arnold Tonn
Mildred Tiede, Virginia Konopaske
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